Table of Contents

PHOENIX LXXI: 1-2 (Spring-Summer/printemps-été 2017)


  • Human Fault and ``[Harmful] Delusion'' (ΑΤΗ) in Homer Andrew Porter
  • Recollecting Histories: Herodotus and Thucydides in Callimachus' Aetia  Robin Greene

  • Porphyry's Distortion of Ptolemy Harmonics II.1 Cristian Tolsa
  • Insulting Middle-Finger Gestures among Ancient Greeks and Romans Max Nelson
  • Socrates' Dying Words (Plato Phaedo 118a) as an Aesopic Fable R. Drew Griffith
  • Rewriting Family History: Strabo and the Mithridatic Wars Inger N. I. Kuin

  • Social Performance in Synesius' Letters Mathilde Cambron-Goulet

  • The Manufacture of Heraclianus' Usurpation (413 CE) Jeroen W. P. Wijnendaele
  • Sur la datation du De laude Anastasii imperatoris de Priscien de Césarée Gianluca Ventrella



  • José M. González:  The Epic Rhapsode and His Craft: Homeric Performance in a Diachronic Perspective
    by Richard P. Martin
  • Mary LefkowitzEuripides and the Gods by C. Michael Sampson
  • Matthew C. Farmer: Tragedy on the Comic Stage by Alan H. Sommerstein
  • Karen BassiTraces of the Past: Classics between History and Archaeology
    by Robin Osborne 
  • Vernon L. ProvencalSophist Kings: Persians as Other in Herodotus
    by E. C. Mohr
  • Boris Chrubasik: Kings and Usurpers in the Seleukid Empire: The Men Who Would Be King
    by Christopher Tuplin
  • Patrice Pomey (ed.)La batellerie égyptienne: Archéologie, histoire, ethnographie by Ephraim Lytle 
  • Elizabeth Marie Young: Translation as Muse: Poetic Translation in Catullus's Rome by Ronnie Ancona 
  • Hans-Peter Stahl: Poetry Underpinning Power. Vergil's Aeneid: The Epic for Emperor Augustus by Barbara Weinlich
  • Gwynaeth McIntyreA Family of Gods: The Worship of the Imperial Family in the Latin West
    by Beth Severy-Hoven 
  • Emily A. HemelrijkHidden Lives, Public Personae:  Women and Civic Life in the Roman West by Elizabeth F. Mazurek
  • Edward J. WattsThe Final Pagan Generation by John Weisweiler
  • Z. NewbyGreek Myths in Roman Art and Culture: Imagery, Values and Identity in Italy 50 BC - AD 250 by Sarah Madole
  • Benoit Dercy: Le travail des peaux et du cuir dans le monde grec antique: Tentative d'une archéologie du disparu appliquée au cuir by Carol van Driel-Murray
  • Pierre BriantExégèse des lieux communs by Thomas R. Martin
  • Martin M. WinklerArminius the Liberator: Myth and Ideology by Matthew P. Taylor