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PHOENIX LXXIII: 3-4 (Fall-Winter/automne-hiver 2019) 





  • William Brockliss: Homeric Imagery and the Natural Environment Fabian Horn 
  • Marta González González: Funerary Epigrams of Ancient Greece: Reflections on Literature, Society and Religion Marco Tentori Montalto 
  • P. J. Finglass: Sophocles: Oedipus the King Adriana Brook 
  • Naomi A. Weiss: The Music of Tragedy: Performance and Imagination in EuripideanTheater C.W. Marshall
  • Tom Phillips and Armand D'Angour: Music, Text, and Culture in Ancient Greece Eleonora Rocconi 
  • Peter A. O'Connell: The Rhetoric of Seeing in Attic Forensic Oratory Ted Parker
  • Ryan Boehm: City and Empire in the Age of the Successors: Urbanization and Social Response in the Making of the Hellenistic Kingdoms Boris Chrubasik
  • Taco Terpstra: Trade in the Ancient Mediterranean: Private Order and Public Institutions Matt Gibbs 
  • Thomas J. Keeline: The Reception of Cicero in the Early Roman Empire: The Rhetorical Schoolroom and the Creation of a Cultural Legend Matthew Roller 
  • David Quint: Virgil’s Double Cross: Design and Meaning in the Aeneid Bill Gladhill 
  • Ellen Oliensis: Loving Writing / Ovid’s Amores Caitlin Hines 
  • Stefano Rebeggiani: The Fragility of Power: Statius, Domitian, and the Politics of the Thebaid Lorenza Bennardo
  • William M. Owens: The Representation of Slavery in the Greek Novel: Resistance and Appropriation George W. M. Harrison 
  • George Kazantzidis: Medicine and Paradoxography in the Ancient World Kenneth W. Yu 
  • Nicola Terrenato: The Early Roman Expansion into Italy: Elite Negotiation and Family Agendas Seth Bernard 
  • Domenico Dursi: Res communes omnium: Dalle necessità  economiche alla disciplina giuridica Thomas A. J. McGinn 
  • Steele Brand: Killing for the Republic: Citizen Soldiers and the Roman Way of War Michael J. Taylor 
  • Neville Morley: Classics: Why It Matters Martine Dumais